September and October Classes

Hello all!

Upcoming classes that are now registering:

September 13th (Tues), 7pm — Basic Pet Obedience (For dogs with little or no training)

September 17th (Sat), 9am — Treibball (NEW SPORT! Harness your dog’s natural chase instincts into a controlled, focused exercise)

September 20th (Tues), 8pm — AKC Novice Obedience (Entry-level competition obedience class)

October 5th (Weds), 7pm — Basic Pet Obedience

October 5th (Weds), 8pm — Intermediate Obedience (NEW! Play games and train your dog!  Work on strengthening the basics around people and other dogs without being bored!)

October 6th (Thurs), 7pm — AKC Novice Rally Obedience (Entry-level class for rally obedience)

October 29th (Sat), 10am — Tracking for Fun! Seminar (2 hour introduction to the sport of tracking)


We hope you can join us!  For more information, contact or call 512-686-3050

- Elizabeth