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Located in Driftwood, Texas, we provide private lessons and behavioral consultations in South Austin, Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Kyle, Buda, Wimberley, and San Marcos. Whether you are looking for basic obedience and manners training, or are addressing a more serious behavior issue, we can help!


I’ve had the pleasure of not only taking my Border Collie puppy through Elizabeth’s puppy class, but also relying on her skills and expertise as a behaviorist helping us evaluate some of our rescue dogs.

The puppy class that Elizabeth my puppy and I attended was a sure fire way to start your puppy off on the right track.  You and your puppy learned not only  basic skills, but also how important other things are such as body handling, nutrition, and the importance of  socialization.

For behavior evaluations, Elizabeth takes her time, truly observes the dog, and takes a thorough history of the dog.  Elizabeth has a calm, but confident demeanor, which puts the dogs at ease.  The most helpful thing Elizabeth does is gives you a written evaluation, and explains each thing she observed, and her recommendations.  Knowing how important it is for us to get the information as soon as possible, she gets her finding to us quickly.  As a rescue organization she has been invaluable in help us and our dogs.

          Joyce Martin
          Executive Director
          Austin Dog Rescue


        In February, we brought home a puppy from the animal shelter. Bruno, a German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix, was the cutest little dog and we fell in love with him immediately. Bruno grew quickly. As he grew he began to exhibit some behavioral problems including very rough play, aggression, and resource guarding of his toys (he wouldn’t let us take them away when it was time). We knew we needed some professional help. Elizabeth Bryant came highly recommended. We contacted Elizabeth and scheduled some private training sessions with Bruno. It was the best thing we could have ever done, not only for us, but for Bruno also. Elizabeth taught us how to teach him. She took her time and patiently demonstrated what we needed to do. She gave us handouts to get started. And, after every lesson, Elizabeth sent a recap of our lesson giving us further instructions on how to proceed in training. Also, Elizabeth encouraged us to call or email her between lessons if we had any problems. We did have to do this several times and Elizabeth was always there to help us. She answered our phone calls, emails, and checked back in with us. She is truly dedicated to dogs and doing all that she can to help the dog owner have a well behaved dog.

        Bruno is now 8 months old. He’s still young and he has lots of energy. But, because of the invaluable training we received from Elizabeth, he now comes when called. He also sits and stays for long periods of time. His play is non-aggressive and his guarding of resources is much better. We feel like Elizabeth will always be Bruno’s trainer. We have built a very positive relationship with her and we know she is only a phone call away.
        We highly recommend Elizabeth Bryant.
          Robert & Patti Fowler
          Driftwood, TX


        We rescued Dolly from the Austin City Shelter in March and found she had a resource guarding problem when she nipped at us while chewing a rawhide. Worried that she might nip a family member, we got in contact with Elizabeth and set up an appointment. Within weeks we were seeing an improvement through Elizabeth’s excellent coaching and our persistence with training. 

         Any time we had a problem, Elizabeth was right there to help us and lead us as first-time dog owners, as well as touching on basic obedience for our pooch. As of July, Dolly’s resource guarding is nearly non-existent, and I am more at ease with family around. With the groundwork she has given us I feel comfortable working with Dolly on her problems. I have recommended Elizabeth up and down to my co-workers and friends, and would have no problem recommending to strangers! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
          Jessica Hendrickson
          Kyle, TX